Montdoom-A Trippy Fuzz-Filled Artistic Fantasy of Weed, Wizards and Warlocks

Based in Italy, Montdoom Design & Illustrations has quickly made a name for himself on the Metal, Stoner Rock, Doom and Sludge Metal scenes. Much of his artwork focuses on imagery featuring weed, bongs, space, wizards and the like. The artwork is vibrant and sometimes combines realistic elements and signature hazy smoke-pillowing fonts.

Montdoom has done a ton of work for many bands, some well-known and others much under the radar. Recent bands include Farseer, Elara Sunstreak, Full Tone Generator (Featuring Nick Oliveri- Kyuss) and The Moonshine Brand.

You can also see Montdoom’s work on a number of band T-Shirts. Most notably Twin Wizard, Jess and the Ancient Ones, Vermilion Whiskey and The Well. Montdoom also sells his original art on his Facebook page. You better act quick as they sell out almost immediately.

Coming out soon featuring Montdoom’s artwork is the new album from Atlanta, Georgia’s crushing Sludge collective DayGlo Morning. The first 50 people that pre-order the album get a 12″ x 24″ poster shown below.

Oh yeah, don’t worry I didn’t forget. The beer. Montdoom has also done beer can art and t-shirt designs for Soundgrowler Brewing Co. in Tinley Park, Illinois.

Montdoom is always taking commissioned artwork. If you are in a Metal band and looking for someone to do your artwork, Montdoom is highly recommended.

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