About Us

Hi my name is Reg. Some of you may remember me from the Stoner Rock Blog Heavy Planet.

I operated Heavy Planet for a period of ten years and over that course of time I met many cool people and made a few great friends along the way. What brought us together was the common bond we shared which was the love of music and many of us beer. Since I was in high school which was let’s say a very long time ago, I developed a love for album artwork. Most of the music I listened to was primarily heavy metal and the artwork was mind-blowing. It was a whole experience from the first time you saw the album to how it made you feel while and after you were finished listening to it. Today, many breweries have collaborated with some tremendous artists that design beer labels which convey a passion not only for the beer, but a passion for music and artwork as well. The reason I started this site is to bring my three passions together for you all to enjoy. Beer. Music. Art. Cheers!