The Amazing Talents of Graphic Design Artist Jo Riou

Sorry I’ve been dormant for the last few months. Lately, I have been focusing more attention on my other blog, Vinyl Brunch. Anyway, I’m here and back with another extremely talented artist for you. I present to you, Graphic Designer and Illustrator extraordinaire, Jo Riou. You can find Jo’s artwork on anything from album covers, band t-shirts, concert posters, comics and yep, you guessed it, beer labels. Also, Jo’s artwork was chosen for the book “The Stoner Freaks Anthology“.

Based in Paris, France and inspired by Heavy Metal magazine and 1970’s psychedelic imagery, Jo’s artwork focuses mainly on music and bands from the Stoner Rock and Doom genres.

Listen to Foot | Listen to Fuzzcrafter | Listen to Qilin

Jo’s artwork depicts fictional pieces consisting of skulls, smoke, desert and space scenery as well as fantasy figures featuring goddesses and animals.

Jo has a ton of previews and designs up on the Facebook. So if you are looking for some artwork for your next album, I’m sure Jo would be willing to accommodate you in any way.

Since the first word in this website’s url is Beer, Jo has just released artwork for a beer label from Brasserie de la Goutte d’Or.

Also, if you like what you see here, check out Jo’s Etsy store for some awesome pieces that are for sale.

Well, I hope you dug this feature. Until next time, enjoy some great tunes, drink some awesome beer and marvel at some great artwork. Stay safe, stay healthy!

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